Quality tattoo supplies

Ion Tattoo Supply

Quality tattoo supplies

When the three of us met and became friends we immediately started talking about how needles should be constructed and work. It was only natural that the idea of starting a company together appeared.

A company where we can both develop and sell needles that are to our liking. Together we share over 40 years of experience using and dealing with tattoo needles so we have a clear view of how we think they should run. Alvin the Founder of Ion Needles have a long experience dealing, making and selling pre made needles. Max Bodlund and Johan Finné have been tattooing at Evil Twins Heavenly Tattoo Studio Helsingborg Sweden for a long time.

We hope that we can provide a good service and a good product, so just call us or email us if you have any questions.

Ways To OrderEmail: Sweden: 076-593-4424Overseas: +46-765934424
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